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T. Valminen, FinH2-hankkeen webinaari: Jatkokyselyn tulosten esittely 14.12.2023 – Vauhtia valmistavan teollisuuden kasvuun Suomessa: Vesielektrolyyseri järjestelmät [PDF]

A. Kosonen, 2nd Seminar in Hydrogen Research Forum Finland – System level changes in hydrogen transition, Lappeenranta, LUT University, August 7–8, 2023.

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Presentation by Tanja Kallio in Finland-Korea Science & Technology Seminar for Hydrogen 15.6.2023: PEM and AM electrolyzer catalysts [PDF]

Value chain analysis – Results from company survey on Finnish hydrogen value chain [PDF]

Press releases

LUT press release: Wind is the most cost-effective power source for the hydrogen economy in Southeast Finland

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